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Matheson Painting, Inc. (MPI) is proud to serve a variety of industries with our industry-leading painting and coating solutions. We specialize in an unparalleled range of coatings for all types of applications while using our NACE-certified applicators and inspectors. Our innovative products deliver on every requirement from high-tech projects to simple maintenance requirements, helping customers achieve results that last longer, look better and perform better than rival solutions available on the market. It's no wonder that industries around the Northwest are turning to us for the best possible results in painting and coating systems.


In the food and beverage industry, the proper application of coatings is essential for food safety products and compliance with auditors. Proper coating systems can help maintain quality standards, production, and keep contaminants away from food surfaces. Specialized coatings provide enhanced durability, resist heat and moisture, and prevent corroding agents from compromising food safety standards. The importance of proper coating in this industry cannot be overstated; it is an essential component to maintaining top food quality and safety standards.

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Pipelines require coatings to protect them from oxidation leading to corrosion and failure. At MPI, we are the top industry professionals for the painting and coating of pipelines. Our commitment to safety is unrivaled, offering quick
turnaround times without making any compromises when it comes to quality. Surface preparation is also a critical aspect of ensuring a lasting paint job, which requires proper cleaning and sandblasting before any coating application. MPI offers exceptional surface preparation before any coating process begins in order to maximize pipeline life expectancy and reduce maintenance costs. We understand how important these pipelines are in transportation, production and other operations where pipelines are used, so we guarantee the highest quality of
workmanship to ensure your pipelines last.

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